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"Because, if it's a Super Saiyan you're looking for...I can fill the part."

Daikon (大魂 Daikon, lit. Great Soul) is a Saiyan-Human Hybrid who dwells on Earth.

Appearance Edit

Daikon, like all Saiyans, possesses a muscular physique, and yet still remains on the slender side, possibly due to his human-heritage. He possess blue-eyes, and straight, pale-purple hair, which are most likely traits inherited from his mother (as pure Saiyans only have black or brown hair). His main attire consists of golden boots, gray pants, a black tank-top, and an indigo Capsule Corporation jacket. 

Personality Edit

Daikon is a witty and sarcastic young man; throwing out quips left and right at his opponents to throw them off-guard, though it should be noted, despite his snarkiness, he can be extremely serious. Daikon is also very anti-social, rebellious and laid back, always feeling like an outcast. Young and angry, but with a quick wit and black humor, he is disaffected and disassociated with society, and quite apathetic. He has no fear, and no respect for authority.

However, Daikon has a huge heart beneath all of this rough exterior. He purposely chose to live out his life his own way because his eyes were opened to evil as a child. He decided to take a stand and fight back, no matter what happens. But even after all of the hatred, violence and murder, he still remains soft at heart, though he would never, ever give his most despised foes a second chance. 

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Trivia Edit

  • While Daikon's name means "Great Soul", it is also a reference to the daikon radish.