Dragons (ドラゴン Doragon) are extremely powerful and intelligent creatures that live in the Earth Land universe.


Most dragons are known for their large size, the smallest adult being the size of a large house, the biggest almost the size of a small mountain. They're hide is immensely durable, and they're known for their fast flight and fire breathing, common to all dragons. There are a few which can utilize more than fire.

Mature dragons can speak Human language, as well as roars that carry over long distances to communicate with their own kind. Dragons are very long lived, though an exact lifespan has yet to be counted.

What should be noted that dragons can teach humans a form of Lost Magic known as Dragon Slayer Magic that is used, to, well, slay dragons. However, in one case, a Dragon Slayer killed many Dragons, both friend and foe alike, and bathed in their blood, and, with the aid of black magic, this Dragon Slayer turned into a Dragon himself; this type of dragon is noted to be actually resistant to types of Dragon Slayer Magic.

Strength and IntelligenceEdit

Dragons are extremely powerful creatures, so powerful that a form of Magic had to be created to combat them. Dragons are extremely intelligent. They are able to speak the language of humans and can thus impart their knowledge and communicate with them. Some, however, do not seem to be happy with making contact with humans, who they consider to be inferior, and ignore altogether. Some dragons even consider humans to being merely one of their food sources.

Dragons and HumansEdit

Despite their destructive nature, some dragons have been said to care for humans to the point where they raise orphaned human children as their own. While raising the human, they teach them Dragon Slayer Magic to make the human more like them.

The situation is somewhat different for other dragons who view humans as nothing more than mere insects and hate humans and views the races merely as a food source.

List of DragonsEdit