God Slayer
God Slayer power
Kanji 滅神魔導士 (ゴッドスレイアー)
Romaji Goddo Sureiā
Additional Information
Primary Power God Slayer Magic

God Slayer (滅神魔導士, ゴッドスレイアー, Goddo Sureiā) are people who use God Slayer Magic, a form of Lost Magic; God Slayer Magic is taught by the Kais.


God Slayers are humans that utilize God Slayer Magic. They, like Dragon Slayers, have the ability to eat their own element; doing so rejuvenates them. However, unlike Dragon Slayers, no matter what element the God Slayer uses, it is black in color. In addition, the Magic that God Slayers use is, in general, superior to that of Dragon Slayers.

The MagicEdit

God Slayer Magic (滅神魔法 Metsujin Mahō) is a Caster-Type Lost Magic used by God Slayers.


It is a form of Lost Magic in which the caster is able to attain the abilities of a Kai, using a specific element as their type. The certain elemental type of God Slayer Magic can be conjured from the caster's body and be used for various purposes, mainly in combat. It is said that the original usage of this Magic was to slay the Kais. In addition, the color of each God Slayer's element has a black tint, regardless of what it may be.

Similar to Dragon Slayer Magic, the caster is able to eat their own element but also use it for combative purposes. However, it appears that they cannot eat their own "God-like" element and instead one of a lower level. It is not vice-versa with Dragon Slayers, however, unless the Dragon Slayer has emptied out their own Magic Power to create a vessel for the respective element.