Hueco Mundo
Kanji 虚圏
English Hollow World
Romaji Wekomundo
Location Statistics
Type Afterlife
Located In Separate Dimension in Other World
Controlled By Unknown
Primary Function Housing Hollows

Hueco Mundo (虚圏 (ウェコムンド), Wekomundo; Spanish for "Hollow World", Japanese for "Hollow Sphere") is the dimension where Hollow and Arrancar usually reside. Like the rest of the afterlife, it is part of Other World.


It lies in between the world of the living and Soul Society; it's an unchanging night covers the sky, an endless white desert covers the ground. The tree-like objects are not plants, but rather quartz-like minerals. Hueco Mundo as it originally appeared, with a black and white sky. The landscape of Hueco Mundo is a seemingly never-ending white desert, with a multitude of dunes, littered with boulders. In Hueco Mundo, the moon is on the opposite lunar phase of that in the Human World. The vast desert seems to lack any bodies of water and contains rocky formations. Like in Soul Society, the atmosphere is filled with a high concentration of Reishi, thus allowing smaller Hollows to gain nourishment despite the lack of Human souls. Similar to the case of real world deserts, active life in Hueco Mundo appears to be few and far between. Hollows generally dwell below the surface or in other areas until something provokes them to leave their shelter, like the intrusion of a foreign entity. According to the Shinigami, all Hollows dwell in Hueco Mundo regardless of their shape, size, or power. In Hell, Hollows would be purified, so Hollows live here.

Accessing Hueco MundoEdit

Hueco Mundo is located between Earth and Soul Society, though it is separated from the bordering dimension known as the Dangai. It can only be accessed via Garganta, which tears the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, allowing Hollows to travel to any other dimension at will.


Hueco Mundo has no formal government. In Hueco Mundo, the strongest being wields power. If there is no particular leader or organization, Hueco Mundo runs as usual.


There is no known military for Hueco Mundo, though powerful factions have their own underlings.