Planet Namek
Kanji ナメック
English Namek
Romaji Namekku
Location Statistics
Type Planet
Located In Living World
Controlled By N/A

Namek (ナメック, Namekku ) is an inhabited planet in the North Galaxy of the Universe. It is only one of several habitable planets in its solar system, and is the homeworld of the Namekian race.

Overview Edit

Geography Namek

Example of Namekian geography.

Namek is a world covered in lush green oceans and is dotted with a tremendous amount of islands and small continents. It is the homeworld of the Namekian race, a race of slug-like people who possess various mystical abilities and only need water for nourishment and survival. The Namekian population lives spread out across the planet, living in small village settlements. The planet is divided into districts.

Districts Edit

Maima District Edit

Maima Region

A section of the Maima District.

The Maima District (舞舞地, Maima-chi ) is the largest of Namek's numerous districts, containing three villages, spread out over a vast expanse, as well as a majority of the planet's uninhabited regions. Unlike the rest of the planet, the Maima District is the most densely covered with land, be it islands, or small continents. Nevertheless, it still has a vast amount of rivers, lakes, and seas.

Elder District Edit

Grand Elder's House

The Grand Elder's home.

The Elder District (最長老地, Saichōrō-chi ) is a small district far from the Maima District (at least three days by flight). It is considered a holy land by the Namekians in the surrounding districts, as it is the location where their leader, the Grand Elder, resides.

Government Edit


Silhouettes of the Namekian elders.

The Namekians lack what Earthlings would consider a "government", however, they did have a form of leadership. The Namekian leadership consists of eight elders and a Grand Elder (最長老, Saichōrō ), who is considered the ruler of the race, as well as the planet. The elders each control one of the Namekian villages, and six of them guard Dragon Balls, while the seventh is guarded by the Grand Elder himself. Aside from leading their villages, it is from the elders that a new Grand Elder is chosen from. The elders also decide when the Dragon Balls should be used.

Facts About Namek Edit

  • Several Namekians leave Namek to observe life on other planets.
  • Namek has no night because of its three suns.
  • Namek's year consists of 130 days.
  • It is one of two planets with Dragon Balls, the other being Earth.
    • It is the homeworld of the Dragon Balls, however.

Trivia Edit

  • Though Namek is said to have no night, the planet is shown to have a dark side, thus it could be locked in one position during its rotation, with the Namek's living on the day side due to the lack of a day/night cycle.